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Symptoms of high cholesterol and how to lower cholesterol level

Nowadays most common disease of the stomach is GERD. Read more to know how it is linked with the Stomach and acidity.

How Stomach and GERD are interlinked?

The GI tract runs from mouth to anus. Any disturbance in this tract causes different conditions like GERD

An overview on the types of eczema and its permanent cure

The article is about a skin disease called eczema. Eczema causes redness on the skin. It is a common disease.

The major cause of cancer, its common types and cancer treatment via therapies

Top causes of cancer are described in this blog. It is a very common disease in men and women. Find out the ways to treat it properly

Have you a cancer? Must know about the most common risk factor for cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease. To know about its most common possibilities must read the article and take proper precautions to save your life

Anemia Iron Deficiency-Some weird symptoms, diagnosis and Treatment

Iron deficiency is most common due to a lack of nutrients in the diet. To look out for the most common cause of iron deficiency you may read the article.

Fatty liver and how to treat Non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) naturally?

NAFLD is not due to drinking alcohol and it is reversible. To find out the natural methods to control this disease you should read the article.

Gestational diabetes (GDM)-How you get diabetes during pregnancy?

Most women suffer from diabetes during pregnancy. Take a look at how it starts, the different complications, and recovery methods.

Ulcer, its different types, symptoms, causes ,diagnosis and treatment

Ulcers are present in the digestive tract. You can read the full blog to find out more about its types, causes, and treatment.

Histoplasmosis symptoms - fungal reaction spread by birds, bats and chicken

Histoplasma Capsulatum is a fungus that causes histoplasmosis allergic reaction that can spread by animals dropping. Its symptoms are similar to pneumonia.

Risk factors for Osteoporosis and bone fracture, its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

Bone loss is commonly known as osteoporosis and it can be cured by different medication. Find out complete detail about different stages of osteoporosis and its treatment.

Have your gallbladder have stones? Gallstone types and their symptoms

Types of gallstone are discussed in this article. There are many common symptoms of gallstone that are discussing here and know about the pain location due to gallstones.

Vasculitis- its types and its life threatening effects on body organs

It is common disease of inflammation of the blood vessels. Here discuss about three type’s small, medium and large vessels vasculitis.

Rheumatoid arthritis (swelling and pain in joint), types, symptoms and treatment

Arthritis occurs at any age and some early signs as discussed here. Know about the ways to cure Rheumatoid arthritis permanently and its symptoms.

Natural food for arthritis and cure rheumatoid arthritis with diet

There is some best food to cure arthritis and also know about the food that reduces joint inflammation naturally by regular use.

Alcohol-related liver disease cause fatty liver and ultimately cause permanent liver failure

Excess consumption of alcohol cause alcohol-related Steatosis, alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic steatohepatitis, and cirrhosis. Find out their treatment.

Bipolar disorder type 1, type 2, sign, symptoms, causes and treatment

Hypomania symptoms in women are common. It can lead to severe mental health issues like bipolar disorder and different mood stabilizers are used for treatment.

Scurvy: vitamin C deficiency disease symptoms and treatment

Lack of vitamin C causes scurvy. Scurvy causes bleeding gums and tooth decay. It is the most common disease due to vitamin C deficiency.

Edema (swelling): types, symptoms, diagnosis and natural treatment

Swollen legs are the common symptom of pitting edema and it also includes ankle swelling, swelling under one eye, and facial swelling.

HIV/AIDS: sign and symptom in men and woman and HIV permanent treatment

AIDS is caused by the HIV virus. Some Early signs of HIV are discussed here as also HIV testing is done with different antibodies/ antigen tests.

Diabetic ketoacidosis(DKA) Pathophysiology, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

DKA meaning is Diabetic ketoacidosis. here discuss diabetic acidosis's most common symptoms in detail which are Abdominal pain, dehydration, insulin deficiency, hyperglycemia, polydipsia, and polyuria.

Hypothyroidism: underactive thyroid symptoms, causes and treatment

Hashimoto's thyroiditis is the most common cause of hypothyroidism. Find out about the autoimmune disorder that causes thyroid issues and different thyroid tests are used to diagnose it.

Asthma: common factors that causes asthma attack , symptoms and treatment

Different signs of asthma are triggered by different environments and animal allergens. Find out about bronchial asthma, exercise-induced asthma, and eosinophilic asthma.

Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis causes and treatment

Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder mostly affects 40 to 60 age people. Find out different frozen shoulder symptoms and also know about frozen shoulder surgery.

Find out the kidney stones symptoms in women and man

Here discuss the kidney stone early symptoms that a patient ignores. Small kidney stone symptoms cause blood in urine, cloudy urine, pain, nausea and fever or chill.

Top 8 most common bad or smelly breath (halitosis) causes and their treatment

Mouth odor is very common. Find out the mouth smell causes and natural treatment also know about the tonsil stones smell.

Most common early signs of lungs cancer and recognize lung cancer cough

Find out the first signs of lung cancer that are ignored in routine but they are deadly. Also, know about the symptoms of lung cancer in females and males in detail.

Acid reflux or GERD 5 top root causes and their permanent treatment

Here discuss the heartburn causes and different home remedies for heartburn and also home remedies for acid reflux. Also, know about the GERD diet.

Water in mouth? know about acidity home remedies and simple life changes to cure GERD

There are many ways to acid reflux permanent treatment and also find out about GERD permanent treatment and permanent treatment for acidity.

Cervical cancer symptoms, types, causes, diagnosis and treatment

Here discuss the HPV cervical cancer and HPV vaccine that prevent this deadly cancer. Cervical screening is very important to avoid this type of cancer.

Causes of diabetes and know what causes low blood sugar in the body

Find out the most common causes of diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2 in detail and also know about what organ produces insulin and how it works.

Top 12 common risk factor for colon cancer or colorectal cancer (CRC)

Here discuss the common type of cancer which is colon or rectal cancer and also discuss the colorectal cancer risk factors. The risk of colon cancer by age increases but it also affects younger ones also.

Find out the top 10 early symptoms of colon cancer that can be deadly

Here discuss the colorectal cancer symptoms that include Change in bowel habits narrowing of the stool, bright red blood or blood in stool, pain in the rectum or abdominal area, unexplained anemia, palpable abdominal mass, Tenesmus, unexplained weight loss, Vomiting, Fever.

Top 10 foods to lower uric acid and symptoms that shows your body in danger

There are different diet to lower uric acid level in the body and makes the body healthy also know about reducing uric acid levels naturally.

How to control uric acid and gout by simple lifestyle changing tips

Find out how to control uric acid at home naturally by lifestyle changes in your daily routine also know about diet for uric acid control and home remedies.

Piles treatment without surgery and home remedies for piles or hemorrhoids

Find out hemorrhoids or piles symptoms also know how to get rid of piles without operation and instant relief from piles pain naturally.

Obesity: what are 10 causes of obesity and how to get rid of obesity naturally?

There are many ways for obesity treatment at home without medication and surgery. Know about different diseases caused by obesity. Also find out side effects of being overweight.