Water in mouth? know about acidity home remedies and simple life changes to cure GERD

There are many ways to acid reflux permanent treatment and also find out about GERD permanent treatment and permanent treatment for acidity.

Posted by Rukhma Khalid on April 08, 2023

This condition can make it difficult to digest foods normally and may cause a chronic sore throat, Along with sharp pain and nausea, especially when the patient lay down to sleep at night.

What is acid reflux and how it is started?

The stomach naturally holds very strong stomach acid which is important as is need to break down and digest foods. Just above the stomach and at the bottom of the food pipe there is a little valve made of muscle called the LES Sphincter. This opens up when someone eats allowing food to enter the stomach. The rest of the time the valve is supposed to squeeze tight and stay close to prevent stomach acid from flicking up into the food pipe and throat.

Unfortunately, this little valve often becomes weaker and limps in many people, and it stops closing and remains relaxed between swallows. This allows stomach acids and digestive enzymes to start flicking upwards and regurgitating into the food pipe and throat. This causes a burning sensation in the chest behind the breastbone, especially a person lay down because it's easier for the acid to flow back up the pipe.

And these acids cause inflammation sometimes making it difficult to swallow, And this can cause a sore throat, and a build-up of mucus when waking up each day. In this situation take an antacid drug. It may relieve symptoms for a short time, but it will raise the pH and neutralize the stomach acid, making acid reflux much worse over time.

Studies and personal experience show us that acid reflux is actually caused by having the wrong level of acid in the stomach. Stomach acid should naturally be between 1-3 on the pH Scale which is very acidic. However, if it becomes more alkaline (4+) the little LES valve becomes loose and the acid starts refluxing into food pipe.

How to Stop Acid Reflux Permanently or Can acid reflux be cured permanently?

Yes there are some simple lifestyle changes that are use to stop acid reflux permanently that are describe below in detail.

1.Stop use of drug:

Stop taking antacid drugs which are neutralizing very important stomach acid. Instead, consume Betaine HCL or Apple Cider Vinegar before each meal. These naturally restore digestion, and close the valve to stop acid reflux or GERD. They also restore the pH balance in the stomach, so that the patient can absorb more vitamins and minerals.

2.Eat cabbage:

Start eating raw, shredded cabbage on a daily basis. use red, purple, green, savoy cabbage, or sauerkraut in a delicious salad. Cabbage has a high amount of glutamine., Vitamin C and chlorophyll. It is helpful in the healing of the esophagus , stomach lining, and intestines from any type of damage caused by acid reflux.

Acid reflux remedy

3.Reduce refined grains and vegetable oils:

Reduce refined grains and vegetable oils from the diet, like bread, biscuits, cereals, pasta, pastries, corn oil, soy oil, canola, etc… Replace these processed foods with filling whole foods like wild fish , extra virgin olive oil ,pasture-raised eggs, steamed vegetables and grass-fed meats.

4.Use of salt:

Start sprinkling Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt on meals. This provides chlorides (sodium chloride) which help the stomach to build HCL. Also patient must eat that foods which has a large amount of potassium. Because potassium activates cells that support stomach acid production. Potassium containing food are leafy greens, avocados, beet tops, wild salmon, Brussels sprouts and squash. Try to chew food more often to help break it down, and make it easier to digest.

5.Drink carbonated mineral water:

In the morning, must drink a tall glass of carbonated mineral water. This will hydrate the digestive tract and the slight acidity will help to strengthen the pH. of the stomach. Cut back on tea and coffee for a while until getting the acid reflux under control.

6.Control stress:

If someone is living in a state of stress or struggles to sleep well at night, then he needs to find ways to relax and get this under control, as stress overstimulates the sympathetic nervous system. Try taking long slow walks in nature of at least 45 minutes a day to bring in lots of oxygen and calm the nervous system down. Eating probiotic-rich foods on a daily basis will also help to manage stress and heal the entire digestive system.