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Find out dangerous long term effects of painkillers on body

Get a review on the side effects of painkillers like paracetamol for headache is commonly used and but Many painkillers for stomach pain are also available but they could be dangerous in long-term use.

Pancreatitis: difference of acute and chronic pancreatitis pain and their treatment

Chronic pancreatitis is more dangerous than acute pancreatitis. know about pancreatitis pain and chronic pancreatitis treatment by using supplements and their side-effect on body.

Common side effect of Metformin: a medicine to treat diabetes type 2

Metformin 500 mg side effects is common form type 2 diabetic patient. Find out metformin side effects in women and metformin side effects in men . Also know how metformin causes weight loss.

Ibuprofen warning: ibuprofen side effects and effects on body parts

Ibuprofen for headache is commonly use . 500 mg ibuprofen side effects are discuss here also know about ibuprofen side effects 800 mg on body.

Vitamin E capsules for skin benefits and benefits of applying vitamin E capsule on face overnight

Find out vitamin E capsules uses and benefits of vitamin E capsules for glowing skin . Also know about the evion 400 uses for skin glow.