The major cause of cancer, its common types and cancer treatment via therapies

Top causes of cancer are described in this blog. It is a very common disease in men and women. Find out the ways to treat it properly

Posted by Rukhma Khalid on October 29, 2022


There are many common causes of cancer that we ignored easily and did not notice. One out of every two men and one out of every three women will diagnosed with cancer. But despite those huge numbers, most individuals don't know what that really means and what the causes of it are. At the simplest level, cancers are cells that have lost the ability to the normal control that the body exerts on all cells. In our bodies, we have billions and billions of cells and they have different functions.

Cancer definition:

It's a very complicated process under incredibly phenomenal control and if something goes wrong and that control is lost or particular cells escape the normal control mechanisms, the cancer cells continue to grow and they may spread. That's what we call cancer.

When cancer cells are together they would call a tumor. Specifically, cancer is a malignant tumor and we call it malignant because not only can it invade adjacent organs, but unfortunately cancer can spread to other tissues and that can be life-threatening.

Cancer can actually occur anywhere in the body because there are cells everywhere in the body.

Common cancers types in women and men:

In women, one of the most common cancers of course is breast cancer and prostate cancer. And in both men and women, lung cancer and colon cancer are common cancers.

It's important to understand that cancer that occurs in one individual is very different than cancer that occurs in another, just like those individuals are different. So a lung tumor in one person will be very different from a lung tumor in another person.


Top 8 causes of cancer:

1. Change in skin is a cause of cancer:

All the changes in the skin structure warts, moles, or pigmentation are signs of skin cancer. Melanomas are one of the most common forms of skin cancer and symptoms like spots on the skin with unusual sizes and shapes. The change in moles and warts should notice if they grow larger, grow hairs, and change their color and shape. This sign appears may be the decline in the number of platelets in the body. Platelets help to prevent bleeding. If they decrease, it will be shown on the skin with discoloration. Visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis and find out the causes of cancer.

2. Unusual weight loss is a cause of cancer:

If you don't do exercise or go on a diet. But you still lost weight about 4 to 5 kilograms within a month. It can be a cause of cancer for example thyroid disease.

3. Flatulence is a cause of cancer:

This is a sign that most women face. It can cause by indigestion. However, flatulence should be unusual and it is not related to the menstrual cycle. If it happen suddenly and lengthen for more than two weeks and cause pain in the abdominal region, it may be a sign of ovarian cancer. It is very difficult to diagnose the disease with the very first period of the disease.

4. Wounds that do not heal are a cause of cancer:

If you have a cut and injury on your skin and it does not cure easily, it takes a long time to heal. However, it is a sign that cancer may be growing in your body. This is because your immune system fight big diseases like cancer and all your cells fight them and do not take serious your small wounds or cuts. Take excellent care to keep the wound clean and if you did not see any improvement, visit your doctor for proper guidance.

5. Itchy or irritable skin is a cause of cancer:

Cancer is treated like bacteria in your body by your immune system. Your white blood cells are mobilized to try to destroy these cancer cells. Because of this blood flow is increased in the area of cancerous growth and the area may feel warm, appears red, change color, feel tight, or may be itchy.

6. Tongue or mouth bumps is a cause of cancer:

According to the national institute of Health, lesions can occur on the tongue, gums, inside the cheeks, under the tongue, and in the back of the mouth near the throat and can cause of oral cancer.

7. Change in urination is a cause of cancer:

Similarly, to normal bowel functioning, your bladder function should be regular. Change in the strength of urine flow, urine color, A strong, sour smell, and the presence of foam and blood in the urine may be dangerous and could be a cause of cancer. Visit your doctor they will either offer a diagnosis of a minor infection or refer you for additional testing for bladder or pancreatic cancer.

8. A lump beneath the skin that feels hard is a cause of cancer:

Women often first discover lumps in breast tissue by examining their own body regularly. It may be a common cause of breast cancer.

cancer cell

Common questions about the cancer:

Once the diagnosis of cancer is made of course the next obvious question is what you do. There are several things that are really relevant. The stage of cancer gives information about where the cancer is. You say it's a particular kind of cancer. How much cancer is present? Has it spread? Is it in lymph nodes? Has it spread to other organs of the body?

Cancer treatment actually is very complex and part of the reason is that cancer is a constellation of over two hundred different diseases. They have common characteristics but they're all very different from each other. In addition to that, cancer itself is not homogeneous. There may be three or four or five or six different slight variations in the cancer cells that are there.

People ask why? Why does my cancer not go away? It shrunk by seventy percent. What's wrong with the other thirty percent? Well, it's probably a different subtype of that cancer that is going to require a different kind of treatment.

Therapies for cancer:

There are three primary therapies for cancer.

  1. Surgery
  2. Radiation
  3. Chemotherapy

• Surgery:

Surgery works by directly removing the tumor.

• Radiation:

Radiation therapy provides x-rays to kill individual cells.

• Chemotherapy:

Chemotherapy provides chemicals that can kill those individual cells.But they have side effects.

Institution s role in cancer treatment:

A very robust integrative oncology program is started at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Integrative oncology is taking those conventional oncology treatments and integrating those with therapies like acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic, and nutrition to create the most appropriate treatment plan for that individual patient.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has invested in a model in which all of the effects of cancer and its therapy are aggressively treated and managed.