Best ways to prevent cancer that are easily adopted in daily routine

Here discuss the natural ways to prevent cancer: fasting, organic food, fiber, rich food, water, and exercise. By following these healthy and safest ways you can prevent life-threatening diseases like cancer.

Posted by Rukhma Khalid on March 30, 2023

Cancer cell:

Normal cells will divide once in a while in contrast cancer cells have the property of uncontrolled cell division. they will just get very abundant in a very short amount of time and therefore are highly proliferating cells. So they are completely out of control.

There are certain checkpoints at each step of the cell cycle and they are control by proteins. But if one protein in the cell cycle is somehow malfunctioning it can completely change the cell cycle. Sometimes they highly accelerate the cell cycle which might be the origin of a cancer cell. There are basically two types of genetic mutations that can occur in genes.

  1. Oncogenes
  2. Tumor suppressor genes

When a mutation in the oncogene then it is completely out of control and it leads to a rapid cell cycle progression. And in the end, leads to a highly proliferating cell mass which can then name cancer.

Tumor suppressor genes usually act as a brake and slow the cell cycle. When they are mutating then they can't break anymore. The cell cycle will also progress rapidly and lead to abundant cell divisions which we can call cancer.

Major causes of Cancer:

One of the main causes is refining sugar that’s often add to foods, as this causes free radical damage to the mitochondria inside cells. High fructose corn syrup is another type of sugar that raises the risk of cancer. It is also used to manufacture juice drinks, sweets, sauces, and fast foods. And even artificial sweeteners use in diet soda like aspartame damage the insulin receptors in cells which can also lead to cancer.

Refined vegetable oils are also carcinogenic, and processed grains and flour that deplete antioxidants, opening up the risk of DNA damage. Also, the chemical pesticides and weed killers used to grow vegetables and fruits and it is also harmful to cells along with smoking, vaping, alcohol, and other pollutants that breathe in.

Natural and best ways to prevent or fight Cancer:

There are a few important lifestyle tips that use to protect and heal the cells of the body.

1. Fasting:

Fasting for 48 hours or longer has been using by many patients periodically to reverse late stage cancer. When someone fast, IGF-1, glucose, insulin, and other growth factors are reduced, which helps the body to heal and kill cancer cells.


2. Eat fiber-rich food:

Eating foods rich in soluble fiber like chia seeds feeds the friendly microbes in the gut which boosts the amount of butyrate in the body. However, this lowers inflammation in the whole body and also reduces oxidation. Help out in the prevention of DNA damage to the cells and mitochondria.

3. Avoid processed meat:

Reduce processed meats from the diet, stop eating foods cooked in vegetable oil, and eliminate sugar from the body. Moreover, this will help to prevent free radical damage inside the cells.

4. Drink water regularly:

Hydrate the body with at least 1-liter mineral water daily, avoiding tap water which contains hormone disruptors. So, also add potassium citrate in the water, which helps improve cell function, and removes excess sugar in the blood.

5. Eat organic food:

Focus on eating organic, antioxidant-rich foods to stimulate cellular healing. Add low glycaemic berries, lemons, krill oil, nutritional yeast, grass-fed beef, organ meats, and sea kelp to the daily diet.

6. Exercise:

Lastly, get 20 minutes of exercise at least 2x per week. This increases oxygen levels by 10-20x in the blood. Cancer cells do not thrive in an oxygen-rich environment. So, exercise outside because infrared light from the sun can boost melatonin, which is a powerful antioxidant. Also, be sure to quit smoking/vaping.