Pancreatitis: difference of acute and chronic pancreatitis pain and their treatment

Chronic pancreatitis is more dangerous than acute pancreatitis. know about pancreatitis pain and chronic pancreatitis treatment by using supplements and their side-effect on body.

Posted by Rukhma Khalid on September 25, 2022

Normally, your pancreas produces digestive enzymes that help digest food. Pancreatic enzymes, or enzymes as described, will convert starches in your food into sugar for energy. Proteases break protein in your food, while lipase works to break down fat in your diet. But when the pancreas isn’t producing enzymes for digestion this will lead to a condition called pancreatic enzyme insufficiency. It can cure by pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy (PERT). This treatment includes taking supplements of pancreatic enzyme orally, every time you eat or drink.


It is the swelling of the Pancreas, and it also causes redness in the pancreas. In pancreatitis, digestive enzymes are not properly bound to the pancreas. It lies behind the stomach and near the duodenum (the first part of the small intestine).

chronic pancreatitis vs acute

What are the types of Pancreatitis?

Pancreatitis has 2 types. The first one is acute pancreatitis which is an Immediate Swelling. The second one is chronic pancreatitis which is continuous swelling of the pancreas.

Chronic pancreatitis symptoms, causes, and treatment:

In this medical condition, the pancreas has become completely damaged from Swelling and does not work properly. The average age of diagnosis is 35 to 55 years. It includes unbearable pain that comes and goes in the abdominal region, it usually starts after eating. Pain is most common in alcoholic people. It lasts for several hours or days. It also includes weight loss, loss of appetite, and vomiting. It causes due to drinking excessive amounts of alcohol for many years, Cystic fibrosis, Smoking, a genetic mutation that causes the stop working of the pancreas, and Gall stones. The best diagnosis is due to biopsy because its symptoms are very similar to pancreatic cancer. In biopsy sample of the pancreas is taken and sent to a laboratory for further tests.

Which enzyme is more specific for acute pancreatitis:

For acute pancreatitis, Serum lipase is more specific than amylase.

How acute pancreatitis occurs ?

It is due to abnormal activation of digestive enzymes within the pancreas. For example activation of an inactive enzyme called zymogens. Most particularly trypsinogen.

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How pancreatic enzymes Supplements works in the body?

Those enzymes that are normally produced by the pancreas for normal functioning are replaced by these pancreatic enzyme pills. That is the reason your body can digest fat, carbohydrates, and protein properly

Who takes pancreatitis supplements?

If you have pancreatic cancer you should take pancreatic enzyme supplements. Pancreatic cancer damages the organ, and it also blocks and stops the flow of enzymes to the intestine for digestionSimilarly, for cancer treatment, part of the pancreas may be removed. Most people do not digest food properly. Though in some cases, if you have a tumor in the pancreas a little mouth sours may be created. If you have an inherited disorder for production of thick mucus (cause blockage in pancreatic ducts), cystic fibrosis, and that type of cancer that cause Pancreatitis (swelling). You may need PERT. Due to these reasons, you may develop nutritional deficiencies. And case bloating abdominal pain, and unexplained weight loss.

A pancreatic enzyme, pancreatin, or pancrelipase.

Pancreatic enzymes are tablets also called pancreatin or pancrelipase. Because, They help in the digestion of food. If you have pancreatitis then your pancreas will not properly produce the enzyme that is helpful in digesting food. These are combinations of protease, lipase, and amylase. Your pancreas will not work properly if you have cancer in the pancreas, large cysts in the pancreas, and chronic pancreatitis. U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved six pancreatic enzymes that are effective in pancreatitis. These are Creon, Pancreaze, Zenpep, Ultra, Viokace, andPertzye. Many other enzymes are also present in the market, but these are not FDA-approve. These tablets include a special enteric coating. Due to this reason stomach acid does not break it until it reaches the small intestine, where it's need. Tablets of Viokace don’t have an enteric coating. It should be taken with a proton pump inhibitor which lowers the stomach acid levels.

How take pancreatitis supplements ?

If you notice malabsorption (e.g diarrhea, excessive gas, painful cramping after eating, and Weight loss). So, It means somehow you may not be making enough pancreatic enzymes which are why your digestion is not proper. How and when to take pancreatic enzyme supplements Adults should take two to four 25,000-unit tablets or capsules with each food. Firstly, you take a small amount of dose, and gradually doctor may increase it until you reach the proper dose. Your body takes a week or two to adjust to a new dose. At beginning of food, you should take the enzymes with milk-based shakes and other nutritional supplements. Don't take these supplements with hot drinks because this can damage the enzymes and hot beverages will make it less functional.

Tips for consumption of pancreatic enzyme supplements:

The following tips are very important for taking supplements: You should never take these supplements on an empty stomach and with hot drinks without food. Swallow these medicine whole. Don’t chew them or crush them with your teeth. If you take a small amount of food, like candy, a small amount of fruit, etc then don’t take these supplements. If you eat large and high-fat food then follow your doctor's instructions for dosage. If you don’t take supplements with every food then your symptoms may return or worsen. Keep a check on what you eat. Because it will help you for explaining what works best.

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Side effects of pancreatitis Supplements:

A Common side effect of supplements may include:

  • Pain in Stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Cramps
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Headache

If you take a higher dose of pancreatic enzyme supplements without a prescription then it may be unsafe. High doses of these supplements may worsen the above mention side effects and also increase the risk of rare bowel disorders.