Natural Quick way to lose belly fat fast and which food reduce belly fat fast

Find out how to reduce belly fat faster and also know about fast way to lose belly fat in a week. There are different ways to lose belly fat at home with or without exercise.

Posted by Rukhma Khalid on September 26, 2022

Weight loss is defined as the reduction in body mass either by a person’s voluntary or involuntary actions. Involuntary actions may include weight loss due to illness it is most common in cancer patients to lose weight during the period of illness and their treatments. Similarly in diabetic patients’ insulin production is reduced so it leads to fats and muscle break down. Indeed weight loss is most common in today’s world.

The number one reason for that is people nowadays are more conscious about their health and fitness. Junk food is most consumed by people which is the main cause of obesity and obesity is leading to many diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer (breast cancer, osteoarthritis, and polycystic ovary syndrome most common among females). Another reason for voluntary weight loss is that people are influenced by social media. So, there are two ways to lose weight intentionally:

  1. Diet control
  2. Physical Activity
how to lose belly fat fast in 30 days

A most effective way is Diet Control for losing weight:

Diet control plays a vital role in losing body weight. There are some ways to lose weight in the following:

(i) Choose a low-sugar diet for weight lose

If you want to lose weight, first make sure to avoid high sugar or high starch (high carbohydrate) food like potatoes, bread, pasta, and rice. It has been considered a long time ago that it is a good thing to avoid eating low-carb food in order to lose weight. You might think that eating less would be a good help but most of us like to eat more than we burn. Eating less will enhance the cravings and sooner or later you may give up and eat without any restraints. Eating low-carb food will help reduce your calorie count, reduce your hunger, makes you want to eat less, and ultimately lead to weight loss.

(ii) Eat when hungry for weight lose

Eating when hungry means you don’t need to eat while you are not feeling hungry. Some people eat frequently you can say three or four times a day and eat snacks in between. Snacking is not a good activity instead of snacking people can add proteins, veggies, and fruits to their diet. On the other hand, some people eat once or twice a day and never eat snacks. So, whatever you eat is up to you, but the thing is to eat only when you feel hungry. Many other studies illustrate that adding proteins to your diet reduces hunger and food intake.

(iii) Eat Real

Most common mistake people do while losing weight is that they inspired by food marketers. So they tell them that they can lose weight while eating their low-carbohydrate cookies, bread, and chocolates but these products are full of carbs.

For example, low-carb chocolates contain other synthetic sweeteners which may absorb in the body and persist there causing other types of abnormalities for a lifelong period. So, try to eat less processed food as it contains fewer chemicals and prefers food that is real. You can take homegrown veggies and fruits

(iv) Avoid Overeating Fruits

Avoid overeating fruits, it may be a debatable statement as fruits contain many vitamins and antioxidants which are necessary for diet. But fruits are sweet in taste which is a high-carb diet. You should add low sugar and high fiber fruits like berries in your diet as the fibers in the fruits will react with water in the stomach and make a gel which will help not absorb the sugar from the fruit. About 30% of sugar is not absorbed from the fruit.

Fruits which are available in the market are different from natural fruits. Now fruits are bigger in size and sweeter in taste and have smaller seeds. Because of their bigger size and sweeter taste, they provide more sugar per bite of the fruit.

(v) Be Persistent in weight lose

Persistency is the most important element for losing weight. It is most common to lose 1-2 kg of weight during the first week when you are strictly avoiding sugar and starch-containing food. But it may also be just 0.5 kg in the first week it totally depends on the size of the person and the diet routine.

Young males lose weight faster than young females. Females can lose weight faster after menopause. At the start, there is a faster rate of weight loss, but the loss may slow down at a point where weight is suitable for your body. If you want to keep the desired body weight for the long term, try to change your habits permanently. But this does not mean that you should permanently take the diet that you started with, after gaining the desired weight you can take a moderate diet..

how to burn belly fat fast without exercise

Physical Activity for losing weight:

It is a good thing for a healthy body and mind and is particularly best when you are on a mission to lose body weight.

  • Maintain a balance between calorie intake and calorie burn rate by physical exercise. When the burning rate is more than the intake there creates a calory deficit which results in weight loss
  • Weight loss is not possible without regular physical activity
  • Physical activity also reduces the risk of diabetes and heart diseases

How much physical activity is needed?

In order to lose weight 40-45 minutes of intense physical activity per day is require but if you don’t want to take the intense exercise you can go with 90-120 minutes of moderate physical activity. However exact amount of physical activity is not known for a person, because it varies from person to person. So, you can go with 60 minutes of moderate-intense physical activity per day in order to lose weight.

Types of physical activities:

The following types of physical activities can help in weight loss:

  1. Outdoor games (like basketball, football, cricket, etc.)
  2. Jumping rope
  3. Walking
  4. Jogging
  5. Cycling
  6. Swimming
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how to lose belly fat fast without working out with the help of and are pills good or bad?

Modern generation is mostly involve in an illegal way of losing weight. Cocaine is use without any prescription to lose weight. Similarly, smoking is another way to lose and causes many health problems. Different pills in the market are use as weight loss drugs. But these pills may cause more harm than good if you do these without any prescription from a physician.

How to burn belly fat extremely fast?

It is recommended to take proper diet control and regular physical exercise to lose weight. But if you want to take pills along with that must contact a physician. Some of the save weight control pills are describe below:

  • PhenQ
  • PhenGold
  • Forskolin250
  • Weakness
  • TrimTone (best for females)